• What is Blockelot?

    Blockelot is a SpigotMc plugin that allows players to save there Minecraft creations to the cloud.

    Once a server owner loads the plugin, and the players register in Blockelot in game, they will be able to cut and paste any part of the world and save the selection in the cloud.

    The player can then go to any other Minecraft server with Blockelot loaded and restore their creations there. How many times have you built something in a world and then the server shuts down and you lose all your creations.

  • Features
      Customizable Permission support.
      Block Banning
      Simple Configuration, just put jar in plugins, rest is automagic!
      Got cpu issues? All setting are in configuration.
      Tired of have a million chests? Enable Block Bank!
      A really cool developer!
  • What are the commands?
    /b.help Shows the help screen.
    /b.about Provides Author information.
    /b.bbinv Request a inventory report from bank.
    /b.bbdep [Material] [Amount] Deposit material in bank.
    /b.bbdep true Deposit all blocks in inventory in bank.
    /b.bbwd [Material] [Amount] Withdrawl material from bank.
    World Editing
    /b.we.clear Clears the Selections and the Clipboard.
    /b.we.clearHistory Clears the undo history of you pastes.
    /b.we.size Prints the dimensions of your selection
    /b.we.print Prints your selection start and selection end.
    /b.we.select Sets a selection point
    /b.we.copy Copies your selection into your clipboard.
    /b.we.del Set Selection into MINECRAFT:AIR
    /b.we.delete Set Selection into MINECRAFT:AIR
    /b.we.distr Gets the block distribution of the current clipboard.
    /b.we.paste Pastes your clipboard to the world.
    /b.we.paste X Y Z
    /b.we.paste [Rotational Axis X or Y or Z] [Degrees 90 180 270)]
    /b.we.paste x y z
    /b.we.paste x y z [Rotational Axis X or Y or Z] [Degrees 90 180 270)]
    /b.we.stripmine Clears the Chunk and puts all blocks in chests
    /b.we/stripmine true Clears the chunk and deposits blocks in bank, leaves rest in chests
    /b.we.undo Undoes your last action
    Registers your player to your email address.Forces a reconnection to the cloud storage.
    /b.reg [EmailAddress]
    File System
    List Files and Folders.Change Directory.Deletes the Schematic.Delets the folder.Creates a folder.
    /b.cd [Directory]
    /b.rm [File]
    /b.rm [Folder]
    /b.mk [Folder]
    /b.save [File] Saves the current clipboard to the file.
    /b.load [File] Loads the file into the clipboard.

The Programming Team

  • ChapleKeep

    ChapleKeep is just a cool guy..... (chuckle)